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Yes, if the credit provider has breached the relevant legislation then the default must be permanently removed.

Absolutely not, we recommend paying the overdue amount but it does not guarantee the removal of the negative listing.

A default and court judgement will remain on your credit file for up to 5 years and a serious credit infringement will remain on your file for up to 7 years.

Credit providers consider individuals with low credit ratings as high risk, meaning they will either decline the application or charge higher interest rates. Credit files with no adverse information generally have score of 750-850, which is considered high range.

Credit providers and credit reporting bodies must respond to any disputes in relation to your credit file within 30 days.

Regardless of the size of the default, the fact that a negative listing has been recorded on your credit file may result in you being considered a credit risk.

​If the listing has been placed invalidly, then you do not have to pay it for it to be removed from your credit file.

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Getting your credit score rating before applying for finance is the easiest way to become more credit savvy. Your credit score represents your credit worthiness. Knowing what is on your credit report can help you with rectifying problems before getting declined.

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